Daily Reports via e-mail

A spam filter can create two headaches for the administrator. First people looking for mail the can't find and blame everybody, second it's hard to figure out the best settings. For that reason we developed ESATInformer.

ESATInformer mails precise charts and spam listings to it's subscribers. It all starts with XWall. The Email spam filter keeps track of the messages it processes in two statistical files. XWall can also archive every message passing through it. These are files ESATInformer uses to extract spam and users information. Typically ESATInformer is launched by ESATAgent shortly after midnight processing the complete statistical files from the day before. ESATInformer builds 2 reports from these file.


The Administrator Report is sent to the administrator and maybe a few others like the boss. It contains information about the email and Spam situation for the entire company. It shows how many messages have been received for the whole operation and the individual mail boxes. Easy to read graphs ESATInformer reveals the percentage of spam for each user.

The report includes a chart showing the effectivness of the individual filters. Each line show the filers capabllities and credits for tha "catch".

The Bayes histogram let's you find the perfect breakpoint. A good functioning Bayes filter shows 2 high points. The idea setting is in the center or sightly toward the second peak.

ESATInformer shows how much mail and how many bytes flow in an out of your server each hour. It also shows the incomming spam per hour.

Another chart show how many messages where not blocked due to exclusions you set in XWall. This halps you to detect unintended broadbased exclusions.

On the bottom of the report you find a list of messages that where retrieved by the users. It allows you to set exclusions as needed.

The User Report: The second report ESATInformer generates is mailed to selected users. It contains the email address and the subject line of each message blocked for that mailbox. The user can look over the list for any message that was blocked by XWall. If there is a message the user needs he can ask for that message with a simple click. The message in question will be automatically retrieved from the archive in original form.

The reports are typically sent once a day. However it is possible to sent multiple reports per day or the users can request instant up to the minute reports.

Having a powerful tool like ESATInformer available the administrator can now use more aggressive tools to block Spam. Many administrators like to use MX record test or Reverse lockup PTR. Both very effective tools in the fight against Spam. Both however catch false positives. With ESATInformer the rules have changed in favor of good clean email.





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