XWall spam filter for Exchange and other SMTP  mail servers

The XWall spam filter and email control system offers great flexibility, scalability and value. Going to battle against spam and e-mail based attacks is not a small task. Making the wrong decision may result in lost messages, blocked orders and unanswered customer inquiries. We offer a complete e-mail control system removing spam, viruses and unwanted attachments. At the same time, we have solutions to prevent false positives or lost e-mail with our ESATInformer. To round out the package, ESATStatus monitors the performance of your mail system from anywhere.

The XWall and ESATInformer developer team reacts to new e-mail threats and user requests with timely updates. But don't take our word for it. We provide a worksheet so you may do a comparison with other products yourself. We are convinced you will find XWall to be a winner.

Top ten reasons to get XWall

  1. XWall & ESAT keep spam and viruses out of your Exchange mail server without losing any important messages.

  2. Automatic smart filters - CCS, SLS, RBL™, SURBL, SPF, Greylisting, Bayesian, Heuristic, a.k.a. Spamssasin™ & automatic exclusion list.

  3. Keeping the spam out of Exchange reduces the message load on your Exchange mail server by 80% or more.

  4. False positives safety net—the user receives spam reports and can issue a request to automatically retrieve blocked messages.*

  5. XWall can add disclaimers or unsubscribe notices to all outgoing e-mails and builds approved sender lists from outgoing e-mail addresses.

  6. Server-based filtering enforces company policy and conserves bandwidth.

  7. Use any number of RBL™ or SLS open relay type services including SURBL that checks for links to the advertisers' web sites

  8. Shields Exchange from spam, mail bombs, viruses**, undesired objects and blocks attachments, etc.

  9. One price no matter how many users you serve with your mail server.

  10. Compatible with all Exchange servers and most SMTP mail servers.

  • * Provided through ESATInformer add-on
  • **interfaces with economical command line scanners like F-Prot, Sophos , McAffee or other

XWall - right for you

Xwall can serve 10 users or 10,000 users. It can run on your Exchange server, a separate machine or in a cluster configuration.

Are you considering XWall for your school? Lots of educational institutions use XWall. You will find it in places like universities in Texas, Florida, Ohio, Illinois, California and schools all over the country. County governments and state agencies know the benefits of XWall.

For more information visit our XWALL.NET site



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