ESATInformer 1.33 is compatible with XWall version 3.40+ and specially recommended if you run XWall .344+

Update Installation

Un-installing ESATInformer will not make you start from scratch it simply will remove the old program files and the entry in the MS add/remove table. All your data files are preserved. In addition the new install will not over write the old data. This however is the reason that you have to manually delete some files at times when a new release is installed. In most cases that's the style sheets (CSS). Whenever we add a new style, a color or a type face we need to publish a new style sheet. If you forget to delete the old style sheet the new reports will not display correctly.

      1. Make a backup of your ESATInformer directory.
      2. Stop ESAT Agent & Uninstall the service
      3. Uninstall all pervious ESATInformer installation.
      4. Delete the following files if you update from <1.28
        • ESATInformerReportADMIN.CSS,
        • ESATInformerReportUser.CSS
      5. Install the new version
      6. Start ESATAdmin.
      7. Edit the new InformerReportLinkFormatter key
      8. Set the Pop3Enable key to YES if you update from version <1.24 and use Pop3 retrieval
      9. Test run Informer to update config file and check for problems
      10. Test run Agent to update config file and check for problems
      11. Test run Retriever to update config file and check for problems

Please consult the manual in regard of the use of new features


ESAT Version 1.33



Date String Options:

"d, M" Displays 29, 8

"dd, MM" Displays 02, 01

"d MMMM" Displays 29 August

"ddd d MMM" ' Displays Fri 29 Aug

"dddd dd MMMM" Displays Friday 29 August