ESATStatus - a utility to show the status of the XWall queues and more wherever you are. Set your warning and alert levels for each individual queue. A quick glance at the screen and you know what's going on.

These are the same queue levels as shown on the blue XWall window when XWall runs as an application. However, as with any service, XWall in service mode displays nothing to the screen. So you really don't see what's going on. ESATStatus will display the XWall queue levels on your server screen, your workstation, your home computer, laptop or just about on anything else with the Microsoft .NET environment.


The Configuration Panel is activated by clicking on the ESATStatus logo of the status bar when in the minimized status.

Queue level squares display the colors according to the levels you preset. A quick glance at the screen tells you the XWall queue status.

Message and Spam counts are displayed in different colors in accordance with the Message bar.

History Bar shows the last 32 hours of operation. ESATStatus displays the worst level status of any queue or a black field for non-connection status. The history bar is blank upon startup and will fill over the next 32 hours if ESATStatus stays active.

Message Bar displays graphically the ratio of spam versus good mail.

All message counts start at midnight or whenever XWall was started. The history bar display starts when executing ESATStatus.

On mouse-over, the labels of the different queues and bars are displayed. Pointing the cursor over the ESATStatus logo will bring up the configuration panel.

Pre Installation

  • MS .Net Framework: If not already installed on your system go to the MS windows update site and acquire the .Net Framework

  • XWall: Add the lines to your xwall.ini file as follows


If you want to use a wildcard ip

Note: Substitute with the IP address of the machine you run ESATStatus on.

Note to XWall 3.30+ users: You may run ESATStatus with MRTGAllowIP= set to nothing. This will not work in XWall 3.0. You must set it to something. IP ranges will work.



  • Download ESATStatus Lite
  • Run the installer
  • Bring up ESATStatus
  • Server: Set the IP address of your XWall


ESATStatus will expand to Setup mode at mouseover of the status bar above the Queue Meter





ESATStatus will collapse to the top or bottom of the screen showing just the Queue Meter

Running ESATStatus

Click on the ESATStatus icon and the program will start in the full display mode. It will check for a new version and display a web page if it finds any update information. Within a few seconds it has established the link to XWall and starts reporting the queue status. If you locate the full mode screen within 50 pixels of the bottom the bar will collapse to the bottom of the screen. If you locate it within 50 pixels of the top it will collapse to the top. Mouse-over the green bar to bring back the full window. In full mode it displays the Message and Spam count in addition to the queues. You can watch multiple Walls by running multiple instances of ESATStatus.





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