I would like to download and evaluate ESATInformer. I have been an XWALL user for more than a year and hoped that this feature would make it into the XWALL program but I'm glad to see it available as a third party add-on. I look forward to trying the ESATInformer as it definitely fills a need.


You guys really are doing an amazing job! My bosses think this product is the best thing since sliced bread! Thanks for making my job so much easier.

JRB, Forida


I turned it [Xwall 3.28e] loose on our live server and it is working great. The new Heuristic option is very nice. If you are using ESTA Informer you are pretty well safeguarded..

Brandon H


The day after the install with just some basic minimal filtering we were catching over 75% of all spam coming into the box. You can't begin to imagine how much time and money your product is going to save us. Thanks for all your efforts to make this a great product.

B. Haney
Network Administrato


Just when you thought it couldn't get any better...

I just have to compliment you. I've got the latest 3.30K running with ESAT1.14.2 Beta and I can't believe just how useful this is going to be. Not only is the grey-listing working wonders here, but the stats that the admin report displays now shows things that I didn't think were possible. ..... D.M.

Your professional approach to working with your customers and accepting their suggestions, criticisms and suggested enhancements not only extend to the tools that you're building, but also the forum that becomes a valuable collection of information.....

Netmaster, UK


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  • Spam filter for Exchange servers and other SMTP mail servers
  • License for one exchange sever unlimited users & domains
  • Compatible with Windows NT4, 2000, 2003, XP and with all Microsoft Exchange servers and most other mail server
  • free US tech support



XWall Service CCS
  • Central Checksum Service
  • 1 year subscription
  • For XWall or XWall ISP
  • Detects mass mailings
  • Detects email virus outbreaks



XWall Service MXBackup
  • 1 year subscription
  • XWall MX backup service
  • works with your greylisting
  • A lot more economical then a second exchange server.



ESATInformer Package
  • ESATInformer sends daily Spam reports to users showing all emails that were blocked. Users can automatically retrieve the emails if they need them
  • Unlike other products All spam stays outside the mail server and automatically gets deleted after a set number of days.
  • A companion product for XWall
  • Toll free US tech support



  • License for one installation forwarding mail to multiple mail server or exchange severs
  • One year toll free support from Ceratec
  • Compatible with Windows NT4, 2000, 2003, XP
  • Compatible with all MS Exchange servers and most other mail serve
  • Call us for upgrade information.


ESATInformer MSL
  • A companion product for XWall
  • ESATInformer sends daily Spam reports to users showing all emails that were blocked. Users can automatically retrieve the emails if they need them
  • Mutiple Server License. Run with more then one XWall or with XWall ISP.
  • Toll free tech support in the US and Canada





XWALL & Central Checksum Service
  • License for one mail server or exchange sever
  • Compatible with all MS Exchange servers and most other mail server
  • Exclusive Online Special
  • CCS 6 month free



XWall & ESATinformer
  • Get the popular bundle and save
  • XWall Mail & Spam filter
  • ESATInformer Spam report and retrieve utilitiy
  • 1 year of Ceratec toll free tech support
  • Exclusive Online Special
  • $ave !


NEW! XWall Complete
  • XWall
  • ESATInformer
  • 1 Year Central Checksum
  • 1 Year MXBackup
  • $ave almost $100.00!


XWallISP & ESATinformer MSL
  • Get the popular bundle and save
  • XWall ISP Mail & Spam filter
  • XWall ISP - one install multiple down stream servers
  • ESATInformer Multi Server License
$ave almost $200.00!



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