The day after the install with just some basic minimal filtering we were catching over 75% of all spam coming into the box. You can't begin to imagine how much time and money your product is going to save us. Thanks for all your efforts to make this a great product.

B. Haney
Network Administrator


ESATInformer Screenshots

The Administrator(s) will receive a graphical report informing them over the email situation of their server once a day. The red/green bar graph shows the number of received messages for each user. Red shows the percentage of spam while the green part of the bar represents the "good" e-mail..

The Admin Report shows you the effectivness of the filters. The Red shows the filter getting credited with the "catch" the yellow shows the potential of the filter. The filter would have stopped the spam if another filter did not get it first.

Spam changes over time and filter thresholds may need adjusting. The Bayes & Heuristic Histograms will help the administrator to evaluate the filter performance and allows to fine tune breakpoint setting.

We are constantly updating and adding features to the reports. 1.8 now indicates to the user how many filters the spam message did not pass. The messages are ordered by spam weight allowing the user to browse faster through the list. In addition through the report the user will be better educated to recognize spam quickly. ESATInformer really offers you an unique win-win solution..

All users listed in your USERLIST.TXT file will receive a Spam report. The Email will show all messages XWall blocked for that user. She or he has the option to request any message they believe not to be Spam. Exceptions to the rule are dangerous attachments and viruses. These potentially destructive item are not available for retrieval by the user. You see an example (A) in the first user report screen shot.

Clicking the "R" in the user report will generate a message to ESATInformer. This message contains all the information ESATRetriever needs to resend the message to the user.

The Administrator receives a report if a message request has been issued.

ESATInformer offer an easy to follow Administration interface.

Once you purchased you simply apply the registration information.

ESATInformer generates scheduled reports automatically. However, you can create them manually too.

Use ESATAdmin to directly retrieve message files from the archive

ESATAgent allows easy editing of the many configuration option. Each key function is explained and examples are given.


ESATInformer is delivered via e-mail. A media package is availabe for a small additional charge.


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